My Christmas range includes Christmas Puddings (vegetarian and vegan), Quince Jelly, Fig Relish and Red Onion Marmalade (individually and in gift sets), Cranberry Sauce, Cherries in Amaretto or Brandy, and Cucumber Relish. See my latest stock list for current availability and prices. Find out where to buy or contact us for details. I can put together custom hampers and arrange local delivery.

Christmas Puddings with Marsala & Brandy

Deliciously different. Light, fruity & boozy with no suet, fat or added sugar. 400g (2-4 servings) / 592g (4-6 servings). Vegan version also available.

Cranberry Sauce with Orange & Port

Far better than those bland supermarket jars, used little of and thrown away in the spring clean. You will not discard any of this special sauce; boozy, fruity and tangy. Serve with turkey, hams and other cold meats. Supplied in a 19oml jar.

Quince Jelly

A real old English seasonal treat. Great with a nice strong, hard cheese (like Manchego) or cooked meats. 125ml.

Fig Relish

A tangy blend of figs and mustard seeds – an Italian recipe known as ‘Fig Mostarda’. Another great accompaniment for cheese. 125ml.

Red Onion Marmalade

Red onions, gently caramelised and then cooked in balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar and a little brown sugar. A lovely accompaniment for cheeses. 125ml.

Condiments for Cheese Gift Sets

Ideal presents for a Christmas Cheese board.

Quince Jelly & Fig Relish

Quince Jelly, Fig Relish, Red Onion Marmalade

Compote or ketchup Gift Sets

Choose any combination of 2 or 3 ketchups or 2 compotes for a special personal gift.

Cherries in Brandy or Amaretto

A boozy version of my popular sweet cherry compote. 500ml.

Cucumber & Onion Pickle

A deliciously light seasonal pickle. A recipe passed to me from my mum. Great with cold cuts and cheeses.